£6 minimum plant value plus £3.50 minimum carriage charge mainland U.K. and Isle of Wight only.

Please send a stamped addressed envelope with your Order Form. Do not send a cheque and only fill in quantity and name of plants. I will complete your Order Form with up to date information on availability, pot size (litres), price of plants (many smaller plants will be potted on) and exact carriage cost, and then return it to you.

Alternatively complete the online form, which is essentially a full blown shopping cart without the payment options at the end! And I will email you a reply with the updated information.

In either case I will keep a copy of your order for 2 weeks.


Orders will be sent out in order of receipt and within 2 weeks of receiving your final order. Plants will not be sent out during a period of bad weather. Plants will be despatched by Carrier.


We regret that at this time we are unable to take credit cards and therefore the easiest way for you to pay is by cheque with final order. Please make your cheque payable to ” S. SAUNDERS ”


About carriage – immediately, saving packaging.

Others – will be considered within 6 days of receiving plants. All plants sent out will be in good condition. On arrival they should be unpacked and watered and cared for individually as necessary.

We cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control, including failure in cultivation by the customer.

Thank you for your order. We hope you will be very pleased with your selection.

Next year’s catalogue is automatically sent to this year’s mail order customers.